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Why Weight Lifting
Myths About Weight Lifting
Getting The Right Equipment
Your Weight Lifting Routine
Warming Up Is A Crucial Step
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Weight lifting has many benefits and with a little effort and discipline, any individual will be able to enjoy the benefits derived from a consistent and comfortable weight lifting exercise.

The main reason weight lifting is encouraged and even recommended for men lies in the ever present testosterone element in the human body.

As every human being is born with some testosterone levels in the body, one of the defining aspects that make up the “man” is the testosterone levels, which is what masculinity is all about.

Besides this weight lifting is also encouraged as it helps to starve off bouts of depression, irritability, fatigue and an easily weakened and tired body.

A good workout that includes the lifting of weights will give the muscle content in the body something to works towards in developing.

A lot of people, who practice weight lifting, will attest to the fact that their concentration levels and focused attention mind frame are much better and certainly improved.


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