E. Nesbit

The Magic City

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Philip Haldane and his sister lived in a little red-roofed house in a little red-roofed town…


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The Magic City by E. Nesbit

They had a little garden and a little balcony, and a little stable with a little pony in it—and a little cart for the pony to draw; a little canary hung in a little cage in the little bow-window, and the neat little servant kept everything as bright and clean as a little new pin.

Philip had no one but his sister, and she had no one but Philip. Their parents were dead, and Helen, who was twenty years older than Philip and was really his half-sister, was all the mother he had ever known. And he had never envied other boys their mothers, because Helen was so kind and clever and dear. She gave up almost all her time to him; she taught him all the lessons he learned; she played with him, inventing the most wonderful[2] new games and adventures. So that every morning when Philip woke he knew that he was waking to a new day of joyous and interesting happenings…..

One day Philip builds a city out of his toys and he and his sister somehow get transported into this city of toys!

Read about Helen and Philip’s exciting adventure in the Magic City!

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